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70 exhibitors

Find out which solutions are right for your business. From invoicing tools to payroll software, our exhibitors will show you their best digital tools.

30 conferences

An innovative conference programme for you to learn all about digitalization. Discover what a CRM can do for you, how you can increase your productivity and much more.


Digitalize joins forces with Le Forem and organise a big Jobday. The aim is to bring together employers and candidates motivated by the idea of taking on a new challenge in an exciting sector. See you on Thursday 2 February.

All digital solutions for your company in 5 tracks

Sales & Marketing

CRM, marketing automation, e-commerce platforms, ...


Salary management systems, HR development,...


ERP, project management software, inventory management software, ...


Billing software, tresory management software, payment systems, ...


Solutions cloud, hardware, telecom, cybersecurity...

Conferences not to miss

Digital Wallonia

Digital Wallonia
Presentation of the new 2022 digital maturity barometer for companies and the online tool Digiscore

Daniel Van Den Hove

Cercle du numérique

Daniel Van Den Hove
Digital Transformation: what are the keys to starting it on the right footing?

Damien Jacob


Damien Jacob
E-commerce BtoC and BtoB : How to develop your e-shop internationally


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Discover all the new digital tools during all the Digitalize editions.

Digitalize Flanders

4-5 October 2023 Nekkerhal Mechelen

Digitalize Holland

30-31 March 2023 Hardenberg

Digitalize Flanders

4-5 October 2023 Nekkerhal Mechelen