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WEBSITE & WEBSHOP: WiFi everywhere in the world

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Development of a multi-page presentation site with a purchase module for the Wyfibox product.
Wyfibox is a portable wifi access point that allows access to the internet almost anywhere in the world without worrying about local SIM cards.


The product is attractive but its presentation is not the easiest. It is necessary to be able to make users understand what they can do with it in practice.
The challenge was to move from product information designed to convince the prospect to a purchase on the site.


A first simple solution was quickly put in place: a “one-page” site presenting the product with a link to an online form.
After analysing the initial results, we directed the client to a more comprehensive multi-page site based on the concept of “stories”.
These stories describe concrete examples of use of different customer profiles: in which context the customer used his Wyfibox, in which regions of the world, …
Once the visitor is convinced, the shop is available for ordering.

Our customer has access to the administration of his shop to create discount codes (for example). The online shop is connected to the payment platform, Stripe, which allows the automation of the transaction flow: the purchase but also the monthly invoicing of the use of the Wyfibox by the user.


A new product, new uses, in short: a sales channel entirely dedicated to this portable Internet access point.
The technical platform removes a large part of the manual processing so that our client can concentrate on its core business.
We hope that this product will be as successful as the Wyfibox’s playground: worldwide!

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