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WEBSITE – Recruitment as tailor-made as its website!

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Alexandre Falletta, a recruiter specialised in the construction industry, created his company “Concrete Recruitment” in order to exercise his talent in his own name.

The specificity of this recruitment office is in the image of its creator, professional but deeply attached to the human aspect of his profession; to highlight in the communication.


– The values must be clearly explained to the two target audiences targeted on the site: companies looking for quality staff but also talents looking for a perfect job.
– Build a professional image for Concrete Recruitment.

Alexandre has several years of experience in recruitment and works for some big names in the sector. It was therefore important to give a very professional stamp to his new site in order to present his new company with the highest quality standards.


Blue e-Motion has developed a website perfectly adapted not only to the personality of the entrepreneur but also – and above all – to the two identified target audiences. The project took place in 3 phases:

1) Very careful visual research in order to convey an image as close as possible to the values promoted by Alexandre (humanity and professionalism).

2) The creation of the architecture of the site in order to properly position each type of content and a careful writing work to clearly express the activity and the services of the company.

3) All this work has been integrated into a responsive site made under WordPress / Elementor


The site makes it possible to present the values and services offered by the company to the two target audiences (recruiters and talents). The user experience has been particularly neat on mobile and therefore makes it perfectly consultable on smartphone.

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